Artistic activities

Projects in the open landscape area

Vorschau Projekt 231 Stelen Vorschau Projekt Wald Vorschau Projekt Flaschenpost

In the early 1990s, Norbert Conzen turned to artistic projects in the open landscaped area. The idea for the 231 Stelen Project was created around 1990, when the artist found objects such as rusted signs. Crosses or dead tree stumps during a hike through the Kleinwalsertal. The first pencil drawings show designs of object boxes with hinged little doors, behind which messages like "You are now right here" are to be read. Later, wooden steles with inscriptions were made of them. The beauty of the forest, processed in four-mirrored forest scenes in photographs, was shown in the forest project, which also documented 231 sites. The bottle-mail project, produced together with Joe Dollmann and several thousand bottles, connects the art object (mostly with a small watercolor in the interior), which is usually left in Germany, to the respective place of discovery somewhere in the world. (translation of google)

Project 231 Steles | Project Forest | Project Bottle-mail