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Project Forest

Norbert Conzen, Fotografie aus dem Waldprojekt. Standort Kreuzberg an der Ahr.

Wald 112 bei Kreuzberg / Ahr, 2009, Fotografie, 70 x 50 cm

The series with 231 marked forest views is the return of the 231 stelae theme to nature. Instead of placing processed wood in the landscape, trees are marked with a blue-and-white-green-sign and declared together with their environment as a place of art. The original original photograph shows a previously defined detail, which then is combined with the fourfold mirroring to form a centered overall composition. Depending on the season and type of reflection, delicate constructions or ornament-filled stage images are thus created.

For the forest project a DVD with ten videos was created. The ten short films with a total length of 55 minutes were developed between 2008 and 2009 at selected locations of the project. They show the forest with its diverse facets such as the seasonally induced foliage coloring, the different tree birches as well as the noise scenes with bird song and deer-horns in an artistic film conversion. An uncut seven - minute camera trip through the "winter forest" is a series of endless motifs, the "forest death" becomes a theater production in which downward branches arrange themselves to a twitching and ever - changing symmetrical sculpture or in the "Hirschwald" one hears the constantly roaring deer, but in the picture one searches it in vain.

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Norbert Conzen, Waldprojekt, gespiegelte Fotos Waldbogen und Waldwild

Gespiegelte Fotos, je 75 x 50 cm, 2010, Waldbogen und Waldwild

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