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Flaschenpost, Ausstellungsregal mit 320 Flaschenpost-Flaschen

Ausstellungsregal (Detail) mit 320 Flaschenpost-Flaschen von Norbert Conzen und Joe Dollmann, 2010

The Mixmedia object "Flaschenpost" with the corresponding action "The bottle will find its way" is part of a joint project of the artists Conzen and Dollmann. Since 2001, they have been working on the theme, whose artistic results influence the respective characteristics of the work groups and personalities of the two. Since 1996, Norbert F. Conzen (* 1954 in Hermülheim near Cologne) has been marking his way through Central Europe through a watercolor or oil painting in the colors blue, white and green. Joe Dollmann (* 1954 in Rösrath near Cologne) explained the vinegar bottle to his main motif. In his sculptures and drawings, he varied the well-known waisted glass container with ever new color and form combinations.

Both components of the artists flow into the common theme "Flaschenpost". The bottle of Bottmann is the bearer of the Conzen watercolor. The differences between the artist and the created symbiosis project are characteristic of the respective group of works. Conzen photographed exact and scientifically meticulously selected sites along river ways, while Dollmann during his travels through the Republic animated people to participate in the action and recorded this in numerous digital photos.

In exhibitions, the two artists show a frame with 320 vials each, which are thrown into a local river during the last weekend of the exhibition. Following the laws of physics, the "bottles" search their way into the world to be found and to send a pre-made response to the artists.

In times when the flow of information is almost exclusively taken over by the IT industry, the backbone of the anachronistic form of the bottle mail seems almost anarchic. Conzen and Dollmann deliberately choose a cautious way of communicating with the world, leaving the messages of the small rivers to many coincidences, but it is all the more exciting to see where the bottles are found all over the world.

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Flaschenpost-Projekt von Norbert Conzen und Joe Dollmann. Ausstellung mit Regal, Flaschenpost und Werfer.

Flaschenpost-Projekt, Regal mit 320 Flaschen, Flaschenpost am Rhein und Zeichnung von Werferpaten, Fotos, Zeichnung

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