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Project 231 Steles

231-Stelen-Projekt - Stele 13 in Langenfeld im Rheinland

A sculpture chain in the open landscape of Germany, which is divided into the three groups of wooden stilts, found steles and tree stelae. From north to south the path winds through the landscape with these sculptural signs. The sculptures were put up between 1993 and 2003 in forests and parks, in inner cities and on local borders, on a railway track or on a pilgrimage site. In most cases Norbert Conzen co-operated with the local authorities and left them to deal with the steles.

Since these works are not intended as works of art in the classical sense, the artist has absolutely no objection to the fact that hiking clubs or municipal authorities have subsequently installed signposting signs on some stelae posts. On the contrary, these examples show a working integration of the stelae into everyday culture ,

Norbert Conzen has documented all the stela places and also recorded the landscape in watercolors. These brush drawings are all designed in monochrome blue - like fading memories, in which only the image of a particularly striking shape remains in the memory, but no longer the single, nuanced detail.

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231-Stelen-Projekt - 9 Stelen in Deutschland

Norbert Conzen, 231-Stelen-Projekt, 2006, Fotos with steles

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