Artistic activities

Artistic activities

Norbert Conzen, Collage Liegensekte 2017, Ausschnitt

Norbert Conzen, Collage "Liegensekte", 2017, 60 x 50 cm, Detail


Norbert Conzen is an artist whose work has left the separation of abstract and representational art, which has dominated the discussions about art since the twentieth century, in its various media such as drawing, collage, painting, sculpture or video.

It is pure joy in the design of things, coupled with a large portion of humor, which confuses the viewer of the works and at the same time fascinates them. From initial photographs of the 1970s, which interfere with the pure image of nature with soft lines, as well as the irritating collages with motifs from specialist catalogs, there is a variety in the work of Norbert Conzen, Tendencies of the current art, but also left them caricatured or simply left behind.

Again and again Conzen tries differently. Sometimes a series of drawings, sometimes diverse art videos with mirrored scenes on a theme or a project with 231 wooden stilts in the public landscape area across Germany and the neighboring countries, who found willing sponsors for the idea of ​​connecting with art with a thin wooden sculpture.

For the artist Conzen, art is a design of surfaces, a play with the illusion of art in the form of an idea marketing, which leaves the reality behind the picture or the sculpture at best.

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