Artistic activities


Norbert Conzen bei Filmaufnahmen bei der Rallye Köln-Ahrweiler

Norbert Conzen mit der Kamera am Nürburgring, 2015, Foto Carsten Conzen


1981 THE COLOR FROM THE ALL, (20 min.), Short film after H. P. Lovecraft, self-production

1983 ON THE MOON IS NEVER WHAT LOS, WDR (43 min.), Realization of a science fiction story by Robert A Heinlein with approx. 300 drawings together with Werner Kubny (director of the Grimme Prize)

1986 ICEFISHING, WDR (15 min.), Literary filming by Siegfried Lenz with a combination of drawings and real film (with Werner Kubny)

1987 THOUGHT CONTROL, WDR (12 min.), Short film with 12 drawings (with Werner Kubny)

1988 THE WEIßWAL, ZDF (12 min.), Book & picture story for the ZDF broadcast "Siebenstein" (director, book, drawings: Norbert Conzen)

1990 THE SECRET OF THE HORSE HEADPHONE, Bavarian Radio (15 min.), Film with drawings and moving colors (Hannes Spring, director)

1993 THE FOAM OF THE DAYS, ZDF / ARTE (80 min.), Literature adaptation after a novel by Boris Vian with 350 oil paintings by Norbert Conzen and Winfried Lührs, speaker: Lore Lorentz, director: Michael Groote

1998 Beginning of artistic short films such as "becoming, being, passing away" (15 min.), Film after the paintings by Giovanni Segantini

2005 AN ORT UND STELE, DVD (30 min), documentation about the 231 Steles Project (book, camera and director: Norbert Conzen)

2006 KIRCHEN AM JAKOBSWEG, DVD (30 min.), Film with the photographs of the church project (book, camera and director: Norbert Conzen)

2007 FLUß, DVD (48 min.), Six videos about Rhine, Moselle, Erft, Breitach and Nil (book, camera and director: Norbert Conzen)

2008, 2009 WALD, DVD (58 min.), Ten videos about the forest (book, camera and director: Norbert Conzen) The short film "Waldsterben" was shown at seven European film festivals.

2011 - today video productions for companies and municipalities like Captiva GmbH, airfield Dahlemer Binz or Kronenburger See.

2011 - today well 350 videos for the travel portal Rhine- Eifel.TV including many portaits over cities such as Aachen, Bad Münstereifel, Boppard, Koblenz, Trier, the castles in the Eifel and the Rhine like Eltz Castle or museums like Wallraf-Richartz-Museum , Kunstmuseum Bonn or the Freilichtmuseum Kommern.

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