Artistic activities

Collages / Drawings

Norbert Conzen, Collage Die Liegensekte, Ausschnitt

Norbert Conzen, Die Liegensekte (Ausschnitt), 2017, Collage, 60 x 50 cm

Norbert Conzen has been a draftsman since childhood. The first drawings, animated by his father, show static mountain landscapes. At the beginning of his studies in Cologne he expanded the range of portraits, still life and the first collages in the form of diary records. With his landscaped drawings penetrated by curved lines, he received the Max Ernst scholarship as a 21-year-old in 1976.

Norbert Conzen, Collagen mit Burgen und Sofas

Norbert Conzen, Burgen mit Sofa, 2017, Collagen, Aquarell, Farbstift, je 40 x 40 cm

"The drawings by Norbert Conzen capture landscape landscapes in a realistic manner, capturing the immediate surroundings of the marked viewpoints, but by placing a marked tree in the middle of the picture, Conzen follows his artistic ideas of harmony, and thinks of the sketches , which formerly brought the draftsmen of expeditions to unknown regions. These sketches also showed views of a world that is real, but whose reproduction was filtered by the "artistic gaze".

Conzens' drawings do not, of course, contain an aesthetic correction of what has been seen, but merely an optimal choice of the point of view (and of the section of the image, especially for documentation purposes.) The watercolors and drawings are almost always the same as the photos and these brush and ballpoint pencils are reminiscent of a painterly tradition, such as Jacob Ruysdael and his forest paintings, founded in the 17th century. Ruysdael's pictures were not yet inspired by the spirit of enlightenment.

Conzensblätter, on the other hand, have as a counterpart the rational location by means of cartography. Here, in surveying, the claim to objectivity and comprehensibility in the sense of a positivist concept of science is solved - and thus the Enlightenment can triumph over the Romanticist. "(Jürgen Raap, 2003)

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Norbert Conzen, Collagen aus der Serie Das Leben der Schlafsäcke

Norbert Conzen, Das Leben der Schlafsäcke, 1986, Collagen, je 40 x 40 cm